ELITE Transformational Leader John Keilty of Decibel Therapeutics

John Keilty

Chief Data Sciences Officer

Decibel Therapeutics

Go-to Technological Advisor

John Keilty is many things: Educator, entrepreneur, and a world-class bioinformatics scientist. Though his broad, yet highly technical skillset is impressive in its own right, John is truly unique in his ability to turn that knowledge into actionable success, not just in his own career but for the multitude of startups and projects he has helped launch.

John was an early member of Millennium Pharmaceuticals where he held various roles of increasing responsibility, with broad ownership for the creation, management, implementation, and transfer of many of the company’s core genomic technologies. Already a respected scientific research associate, he began tackling operational projects that would benefit the whole company.

John then moved on to Infinity Pharmaceuticals where, as a member of the Executive and Scientific Leadership teams, he held broad responsibilities for corporate and department vision, strategy, and execution. While there, he also helped create a clinical data system that was revolutionary for its time with a “front end” data visualization and analytics system that enabled clinical scientists to see data in real time in an intuitive manner that enabled clinical discovery and novel insights.

Later in his career, John carried his impressive ability to unite and incite company-wide improvements over to Third Rock Ventures, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of technology roadmaps for companies across the portfolio. So far, John has been an integral member of the launch team for more than eight portfolio companies including Goldfinch Biopharmaceuticals, Decibel Therapeutics, Neon Therapeutics, Relay Therapeutics, Fulcrum Therapeutics, Tango Therapeutics, Revolution Medicines, and Pliant Therapeutics.

Most recently, John joined Decibel Therapeutics in 2017 as the Chief Data Science Officer. He now manages a broad set of responsibilities that cover computational biology, data sciences, information technology, clinical informatics, and corporate operations.

“Working in early stage companies is very risky and intense,” says entrepreneur Andy Palmer, most recently the CEO and Co-founder of Tamr. “John not only exceeds the expectations of world class scientists, but the way that he works with other people engenders trust and motivates those around him to go above and beyond what is required.”


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