ELITE Transformational Leader Jason Noto of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Jason Noto

Director, Neurology Customer Strategy

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.




Ushering in the New Age of Digital Innovation

“Jason Noto is best described as an influential, innovative, and exceptional leader who is not afraid to take risks,” says Tamara N. Cane, VP of Media at CMI, referring to his eagerness to implement a transformative HCP segmentation and promotional strategy.

While the new approach was developed at CMI, Jason has utilized it to transform multichannel, targeted promotion for his brand at Sunovion. The approach customizes and personalizes targeting beyond traditional deciles by incorporating advanced behavioral analytics to identify optimal, opportunistic healthcare provider segments. Ultimately, Jason and his team tailor their approach on two levels: First, they customize the appropriate message for each segment in order to improve the effectiveness of the campaign. Second, they further drill down by using affinity analysis for each channel to ensure they are sending information to the most optimal targets in their preferred communication medium. In other words, it allows the brand to achieve the Holy Grail of Marketing: Reaching the right audience, at the right time, through the preferred and most cost efficient channel!

The end result is a revolutionary approach to multichannel promotion that is customized down to the individual physician level to ensure a best-in-class customer experience. To date, the results of the implementation have been impressive, with increased KPIs across all channels, and a significant NRx and TRx lift observed in the priority segments.

Jason works within the digital center of excellence at Sunovion, called the Customer Strategy & Shared Services (CS3) department, which is tasked with creating innovative and authentic experiences and solutions that allow for a more personalized customer journey. “Jason does not fear failure,” Cane says. “As a result, he pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought impossible in pharmaceutical marketing in order to break new ground and redefine the status quo.”


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