ELITE Mentor Megan Matakovic of Discovery USA

Megan Matakovic

Director, Project Management

Discovery USA

Company-Wide Adoration

Megan Matakovic oversees a large team comprised of eight individuals at varying levels, but she tirelessly focuses her energy making each person feel like a valuable contributor to the overall business. She cares about each member of her team personally, and goes out of her way to express interest in their families and activities outside of work.

Megan makes one-on-one meetings with each of her team members a priority, keeping this time sacred. She prepares for these meetings, and expects her team to come prepared. She provides in-the-moment coaching and specific examples to help each of them grow. And then she provides even more thorough feedback during the mid-year and annual review process.

Additionally, she collaborates with her team for goal-setting to ensure that they not only meet expectations of their current roles but provide stretch opportunities to support their long-term career goals. She also revisits these goals throughout the year with each employee to ensure they are progressing as desired and fulfilling their personal and professional objectives. Megan is an individual who believes the success of others is as important as her own. This shows her dedication to the growth and development of each of her employees and her commitment to helping them achieve their goals and career aspirations.

Megan’s leadership and mentorship continues beyond individual relationships and extends to being a fierce advocate for each of her team members and for the department’s successes as well. Notably, Megan helped to lead a team/process reorganization and worked to provide clarity between account and project management disciplines. She took on the task of defining roles and responsibilities, and to this day serves as an in-house expert who can eloquently explain the role of project management within the overall organization and team structures to employees in all functions.

Megan’s ability to support and mentor her team members and contribute to their successes resulted in a united nomination in their support and recognition of her. Megan received the agency’s highest honor, the Adoration Award, which she won last year.


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