ELITE Strategist Batisha Anson of Biosector 2, an inVentiv Health company

Batisha Anson

Senior Lead

Biosector 2, an inVentiv Health company



The Ultimate Problem Solver

Batisha Anson’s communications expertise and industry intelligence have made her an invaluable staple at Biosector 2 (B2), a healthcare-driven agency that prides itself on building brands, measurable outcomes, and talented employees. Batisha’s dedication to mining insights and inventive approaches to create meaningful solutions for customers have been contributing factors to B2’s client longevity and rapid expansion.

In 2002, Batisha was a founding member of B2 due to her forward-thinking ability to see the future of healthcare public relations and business opportunities in the competitive agency world. Early on, Batisha managed communications for VELCADE in Multiple Myeloma which continues to be recognized as one of the most successful oncology launches in history and has gone on to manage numerous award-winning campaigns. But accolades aside, her creative programming has helped anchor B2’s long-standing client Novo Nordisk and attract repeat clients such as Boehringer Ingelheim.

Batisha continually introduces clients to new approaches and helps them navigate through the highly regulated industry, giving them sound counsel and comfort in taking the leap to be “first.” From launching a product-branded patient community website for Indivior in the controversial Opioid Dependence medication-assisted treatment space to pharma’s first online video contest and product-branded Twitter page for Novo Nordisk in diabetes, she successfully partners with clients to redefine pathways for the healthcare space.

Batisha excels at making things happen. Under her leadership, DRIVE4COPD—which could arguably be one of the largest fully integrated healthcare marketing communications campaigns—launched with a multi-city chronic obstructive pulmonary disease screening tour in partnership with four advocacy groups and five celebrities straight from the DAYTONA 500 in just six weeks. And with Batisha, timing matters. As promised in the pitch, the campaign astonishingly achieved one million screenings in under a year.

Whether managing a public health campaign, regulatory milestones or high-profile issues, Batisha relies heavily on market research and community networking to devise tactical approaches that marry client business priorities with public health needs to leave an impactful footprint. For Batisha, it’s not always a matter of fixing a problem—it’s often the idea of finding a solution to a problem that might not even exist yet.


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