ELITE Transformational Leader Anthony J. Maddaluna of Pfizer

Anthony J. Maddaluna

Executive Vice President, Pfizer Inc.

President, Pfizer Global Supply


Creating Value Through Vision

How does “Vision” translate to “Value”? Ever since his first role as a manufacturing site leader at Pfizer, Anthony Maddaluna’s goal has been to create a Vision-driven organization. His work at that site focused on cultural change through a common set of values in the days before this had become a widespread practice. This became the foundation for the Vision (Purpose – Mission – Mission Elements – Values) which guides and drives the current day Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) organization that comprises 20,000 colleagues and 55 internal manufacturing sites and 200 external supply partners worldwide.

“The PGS’ Fundamental Value Proposition is based on three key components,” Tony explains. “Quality and Compliance, Supply Reliability and Cost/Cash/Value. While we strive to balance all three of these components, we will not compromise on Quality and Compliance.”

Since becoming President of PGS in January 2011, Tony has focused on ensuring PGS is a critical element of Pfizer’s success by adding value beyond just the reliable supply of products. In fact, the customer interface has end-to-end product portfolio managers who work closely with their commercial partners to maximize value. They are also participants in the company’s business development efforts and are actively involved in every strategic deal that Pfizer does.

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked closely with my colleagues on the commercial side of the business, learning what their needs are and how the Pfizer Global Supply organization can best meet them,” he explains. “Our commercial colleagues know that they can count on PGS to assist them in creating profitable brands that meet the needs of patients and doctors, and deliver a fair return on investment to Pfizer shareholders.”

“My personal mission in life is to ‘persistently make a profound positive difference,’” Tony explains. “Right now, my executive team and I are working on positioning the Pfizer Global Supply organization to be ready to take on the challenges of the future, so that our commercial partners around the globe will be confident that PGS will continue to provide them with the high level of service they have come to expect of us.”


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