The Dizzying Pace of Change

Inspiration, creativity, skill, and innovation are all at the foundation of what today’s healthcare industry requires. With the dizzying pace of change, the uncertainty in healthcare, and the drive to reach and engage patients as never before, marketers and brand managers face many challenges. These challenges include everything from payer negotiation to technology adoption, and the coming emergence of new business models based on collaboration among all the players in the healthcare industry.

Add to that the challenges of creating great, engaging content across multiple platforms to reach people where they are with exactly what they want to get—and you find marketers’ plates are piled mighty high. But on the flip-side of these challenges: The many opportunities the healthcare industry can use to reshape itself to the changing world—with patients firmly at the center and innovation at the leading edge.

As our industry continues to place the patient at the center, that center has expanded to include not only the patients, but also their caretakers and families—as a rule. How can marketers meet all these needs through their content marketing strategies? In Dispelling the Many Myths About Content Marketing, Elle McComsey of Digitas Health, will help you break the mold on how you think about content marketing—what might be tripping you up and how you can change your vantage point to create better content.

At the same time, our story, Taming the Content Bear, by John Chinnici provides insight into where you can go—and what you should know—once that mold has been broken to create content that truly connects no matter the platform.

Finally, add to that dizzying pace of change the downsizing occurring among healthcare organizations and agencies. Nick Colucci of Publicis Health, author of our cover feature, Harnessing the Velocity of Change, provides a guide to embracing change and the insights that can help you spot and take advantage of the opportunities that emerge as an organization downsizes. It’s a must read for those grappling with these challenges—and those seeking new, out-of-the-box opportunities.


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