ELITE Leader of the Future Tom Fussaro of Astellas Pharma US

Tom Fussaro

Associate Director, Health Systems Marketing

Astellas Pharma US, Inc.


The Post-ACA Architect

Major government policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have an enormous impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Tom Fussaro is not only well aware of this fact, but he also does whatever possible to ensure that he is at the forefront of Astellas’ response to them.

Tom was courtside for the debate, passage and early implementation of the healthcare reform law as he served as the Head of Government Relations and Public Policy at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now Takeda Oncology). He instantly recognized the ACA’s promise and its effect on pharma companies, but he wanted to have a direct impact on deciding how a company should respond to the law. So in 2012, he moved to Astellas Pharma US, Inc. where he would be allowed to do just that while focusing on payer and large provider marketing. Now, Tom’s unique background and passion drives Astellas to find innovative responses to new market conditions and novel solutions to customers’ needs.

One of his first goals was to help develop Astellas’ strategy for engaging payers and integrated health networks (IHNs) in the post-ACA world. He co-led marketing support for the launch of a new company business unit, the Strategic Accounts Business Unit (SABU), dedicated to working with IHNs and ACOs. And currently, he leads a portfolio-wide project to use technology to help address ACA-driven customer challenges for IHNs and payers.

Tom also took the lead on the company’s population health marketing strategy by spearheading the development of marketing resources to help account managers directly discuss quality performance with their customers and by launching an innovative healthcare quality speaker program. Almost five years after ACA’s passage, the market is still in a tremendous state of flux. But Tom remains dedicated to helping Astellas find new ways to think differently and evolve the way the company does business.


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