ELITE Leader of the Future Greg Cohen of UCB, Inc.

Greg Cohen

Sr. Manager, Social Media & Influence

UCB, Inc.


Social Media Groundbreaker

Greg Cohen goes where few in pharma marketing have gone before—real-time social media engagement. In fact, since joining UCB, Greg has grown an award-winning portfolio of patient-education programs using social media and live events to set a new standard for how the healthcare industry can use social media to improve the lives of patients living with severe diseases. One example of his work is the growth of UCB’s Epilepsy Advocate Facebook page. Just last year, Greg implemented real-time chats between the site’s users and various patient advocates, an innovative initiative in the pharma industry. His pioneering nature has led to numerous invitations to speak at healthcare and social media industry conferences to educate other companies about his work and discuss how their companies can also take advantage of new technologies for the sake of patients.

But there’s more. In addition to his social media work, Greg was recognized last year by UCB’s Executive Committee for his work in transforming the customer-facing portions of UCB in the U.S. In particular, Greg worked with a large cross-functional team at UCB to merge medical information, customer service and drug safety team members into a single customer-facing organization called UCBCares.

This organization serves as a single-source solution center that makes disease and product information more accessible for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The transformation included the development of everything from the new name and identity to new technology, new training, new ways of interacting with customers and extensive internal change management to not only educate but to also inspire U.S. employees to think about how UCB can make patients’ lives easier.

On top of his contributions to UCB, Greg is also very active in the community—serving in a leadership capacity on the Junior Board of Directors for Camp Twin Lakes—and in professional organizations as an active member of the American Marketing Association where he has served on the Board of Directors for the past six years.


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