ELITE Launch Expert Andrew J. Watson of Wockhardt USA

Andrew J. Watson

Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Wockhardt USA


Bringing a Brand Back to Life

Few can boast the same uncanny sense of how to approach a marketplace as Andrew Watson—especially when you consider the circumstances when he first arrived at Wockhardt USA. Bromfed DM cough syrup was first approved in 1985, but Andrew was put in charge of re-launching the branded generic prescription into a crowded market, which included competition from some of the most recognizable OTC brands in the world. From the outset, Wockhardt’s task seemed insurmountable: Resurrect a brand—with zero differentiation—from its ashes and launch it into a competitive pediatric cough cold space that had, over the last 20 years, been completely commoditized. And yet, Andrew and the Wockhardt team didn’t just re-launch the brand—they brought it back to life!

Using his experience and instincts, Andrew was able to structure a sales team, re-launch the product and become the No. 1 prescribed non-narcotic cough and cold medicine—in only two years. Andrew was able to evolve the brand messaging and story while being true to his launch promise of helping parents and children cope with the symptoms of cough and cold. The team significantly exceeded revenue for the product prior to generic competition in late 2014.

This ability to develop insights and interpret them to create the right targeting, messaging and delivery, are precisely what set Andrew apart from his peers. His analytical skills are second to none. He can break down data and assess potential quickly. He avoids analysis paralysis, acts decisively, collaborates with his agencies, networks with the vendor pool that he built and leverages his resources to gain incredible efficiencies to achieve success. Or as Jeff Meehan, CEO of Cancer Action Now, put so succinctly, “Andrew’s launch success is a direct result of his systematic approach and ability to leverage the strengths of the entire team.”


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