ELITE Data Miner Dr. Susan Dorfman of CMI/Compas

Dr. Susan Dorfman

Chief Commercial Officer




An Analytic Force of Nature

“A couple of people describe Susan Dorfman as a force of nature,” says Jose Ferreira, Executive Director, Customer Insights at CMI/Compas. “She is a very innovative and creative thinker and is always looking to push us in new directions that we’re not always comfortable with.” But more times than not, it is to the company’s benefit.

Want an example? Susan revolutionized the way top pharma brands engage physicians with Own the Audience, an award-winning method of uncovering opportunities with low- and no-see HCPs. Solely through non-personal promotional efforts, Own the Audience has created an average uptick of more than 72% on scripts written. Susan also spearheaded Media Vitals, which the industry has come to rely on for critical insights on the promotional preferences of HCPs across specialties—allowing clients to engage HCPs how and when each HCP wants.

Susan has a gift for sorting through thousands of data points in order to find compelling insights. And she is more than willing to bet that what she finds will deliver results. By Susan’s design, CMI/Compas’ Own the Audience campaigns put at risk all promotional/media investments including the company’s research, planning time, creative production, all media/NPP costs, campaign supervision, and measurement tools. Instead the company only benefits based on the success of its program. If CMI/Compas’ analysis and recommendations are wrong, then the company suffers the consequences. But if they are right, they share in the profits. Even clients who do not participate in Own the Audience reap the benefits: It has inspired the way CMI plans and created a new level of audience engagement never before seen in pharma—or really in any industry.

“We understand our clients’ customers better than they do in many cases, and it’s all because of Susan,” explains CMI/Compas’ CEO Stan Woodland. “When Susan takes on a project for a client she gets so personal with their customers that she knows them by name, and when she shares the results of her analysis with clients she gives them goosebumps—she gives me goosebumps working with her at times. She’s an incredibly amazing leader.”


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