ELITE Strategist Georgina Rizik of Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Georgina Rizik

Global Commercial Head of Oncology Biosimilars Franchise

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH


Redefining Innovation and the Oncology CX Experience

With an international career in oncology, that spans global strategy, marketing, medical marketing and sales, Georgina Rizik knows that proactivity, relevancy, and engagement are the keys to enduring strategic leadership. And Georgina’s strategic engagements consistently lead to success, despite challenges and complex markets.

Just one example came in May 2009 when she accepted an international assignment within Global Product Strategy at Roche’s headquarters in Switzerland as International Product Manager for Avastin. Georgina was responsible for developing global strategies for an indication (Breast Cancer) that generated almost one billion CHF in annual revenues. She articulated a clear vision and displayed strong strategic leadership skills that helped her and her team reinvigorate Avastin, grow market share, and set it up for future success. She also exceeded expectations while at Roche Canada, launching several landmark initiatives that have become foundational to the success of the HER2-positive Breast Cancer Franchise.

More recently, Georgina has been leading the global commercialization strategy for the future launch of Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH’s Oncology Biosimilars. She has aligned the people, processes, and cadence to create a unique franchise vision, positioning, and customer experience strategy that reflects her nuanced understanding of the oncology stakeholder. She has further demonstrated her strategic agility and influential leadership by spearheading the overall Biosimilars brand identity, branding, positioning, and other best practice platforms that have inspired the whole organization. This is notable considering the dynamic nature of the biosimilars market, further illustrating Georgina’s capacity to simplify and set clear direction while transcending several therapeutic areas.

Georgina is recognized by her colleagues for combining a strong commercial mindset with clinical expertise while maintaining an empathetic focus on the customer. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of cancer patients—and transforming the paradigm—is infectious to all those around her and her collaborative spirit stands out. Proactively forecasting well beyond trends, her mix of tenacity, intuition, and creativity have generated best practices. While a good strategist defines the vision, an “exceptional” strategist such as Georgina not only gets things done, but also engages people via her enthusiasm—showing a collective path for what great looks like.


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