ELITE Creative Director Chris Watson of Sentrix Health Communications

Chris Watson

EVP, Executive Creative Director

Sentrix Health Communications



Breaking the Mold in Oncology Marketing

“Anything but Typical.” That is the mantra Chris Watson helped establish and instill at Sentrix, but it is also an appropriate description for him.

Chris came to healthcare from consumer marketing where he created campaigns for everything from fast food to financial services. He applies that consumer sensibility—focused on breakthrough creative—to the pharmaceutical industry. While he has worked across numerous therapeutic categories, his greatest contribution has been in the world of oncology.

As Executive Creative Director at Harrison & Star, Chris helped pave the way for creativity in oncology as we know it today: He and his team created the branding and identity for Genentech’s BioOncology franchise and pipeline. Today, scientific MOA campaigns are almost expected, but that wasn’t always the case. Under Chris’ leadership, his team essentially invented the promotion of pathway education, and in the process, helped elevate Genentech’s marketing to be the envy of every other pharmaceutical company. One of his crowning achievements is Avastin’s “Think Beyond the Tumor,” which introduced the concept of the tumor microenvironment and the angiogenic switch, and is still referenced as one of the most successful oncology campaigns of all time.

Chris is now continuing his strong work in oncology at Sentrix, where he leads the Pfizer HemeOncology team. He currently oversees all three products in the franchise, including two global launches. But Chris knows a lot more than just oncology: He knows how to build and motivate award-winning creative teams. Since he’s taken over the creative reigns, the company has grown from a small group of 15 to more than 50. Chris’ leadership has also helped the agency win new business, leading to a greater than 400% revenue increase in one year, and numerous industry awards.

At Sentrix, Chris’ team knows he is a staunch supporter of the highest quality work and his people. He is passionate about inviting and encouraging participation from all members of the department in every assignment. Sentrix employees often reference this egalitarian creative atmosphere as a key difference that sets the agency apart and makes him and Sentrix “Anything but Typical.”


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