ELITE 2023 Strategist Jose Ferreira of CMI Media Group

Jose Ferreira

Executive Vice President, Product Strategy & Transformation

CMI Media Group

Introducing the World to Omnidynamic Marketing

You have heard all about omnichannel marketing, but Jose Ferreira coined a better way to think about it that also showcases how CMI Media Group is raising the bar: omnidynamic.

Omnidynamic marketing breaks free of business rule-based constraints. It is fueled with variable and modular content across marketing channels, and each customer can be served a unique experience that is attuned to their specific in-the-moment needs. It solves the problems that have impacted the industry’s ability to scale omnichannel capabilities by introducing technological solutions to manual problems. It prioritizes and automates the content product process. It significantly reduces label change downtime by seamlessly toggling campaigns from branded to unbranded by using a consistent and templated message structure. And most importantly, it makes a unique customer sequence possible and scalable, which supports CMI Media Group’s approach where everything is centered around the ecosystem of the individual.

This is important to Jose as it allows him to directly impact an individual’s healthcare journey in a positive way. Omnidynamic marketing is what unifies the leading-edge data, audience, creative, and marketing technologies into a coherent strategy for elevated customer interactions. This continued innovation that Jose is not only responsible for coining but also implementing across the agency is one of many reasons clients flock to CMI Media Group—and stay, with one of the industry’s longest client-tenure records.

Jose has over 18 years of marketing experience and currently is primarily responsible for defining strategic platform, technology, and data solutions that continue to enhance CMI Media Group’s marketing ecosystem and differentiate the organization as a cutting-edge market leader. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and a master’s from the University of Pennsylvania.


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