ELITE 2022 Launch Expert Jennifer Herron of ADC Therapeutics

Jennifer Herron

Chief Commercial Officer

ADC Therapeutics

Accelerating the Launch of a First-in-Class Therapeutic

Jennifer Herron has led commercialization efforts for numerous global biotech and pharmaceutical companies over the course of her nearly 30-year career, but what she accomplished as SVP & Chief Commercial Officer of ADC Therapeutics is surely her greatest feat yet. Jennifer’s tireless efforts to build the company’s commercial organization from the ground up in record time accelerated the successful launch of Zynlonta (loncastuximab tesirine-lpyl), the first and only CD19-targeted antibody drug conjugate (ADC) for relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Jennifer assembled a world-class commercial team of over 80 employees while the world was on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. She brought together co-workers virtually who continue to operate seamlessly and collaborate flawlessly despite the hurdles brought on by the pandemic. She also recognized the critical importance of forging a strong partnership between the commercial and medical affairs teams at ADC Therapeutics.

“Jennifer’s insistence on a close partnership between the commercial and medical affairs teams and the clear example of the partnership between the two of us was vital to ensuring Zynlonta got to patients within days of FDA approval,” says Joe Camardo, MD, Chief Medical Officer, ADC Therapeutics. “Jennifer’s passion for patients and business acumen benefitted patients in need and gave the company strong leadership when our approval came early.”

In the third quarter of 2021, just months after FDA approval and during the pandemic, Zynlonta generated $13.1 million in net sales followed by nearly 30% growth quarter-on-quarter of $17.0 million in Q4 net sales. In addition to working around the clock to prepare for the launch of Zynlonta, Jennifer spearheaded corporate ethos work to establish ADC Therapeutics’ mission, vision, and values. The tenets serve as the connective tissue across all the company’s functions to unite a team that spans the globe—from Switzerland to London to the U.S. and now to China, with ADC Therapeutics’ partners at Overland ADCT BioPharma in China who are racing to make Zynlonta available to patients there.

Jennifer’s passion for patients inspired her to build a world-class team enabling ADC Therapeutics to deliver a potentially life-saving treatment, bringing hope to patients and their families across the globe.


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