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Contact Person:
Steven Johnson, Director – Behavioral Science

Progress in medical science and digital technology has revolutionized healthcare. However, the key to lasting change relies on the decisions and behaviors of HCPs, patients, caregivers, and wider stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem.

Behavioral sciences allow a more thorough study of patients’ journeys—from early detection and prevention to diagnosis, prescribing, adoption, and adherence. In fact, it’s the next frontier in healthcare innovation.

WHY is BCW’s hot-off-the-press specialist practice dedicated to the science and technology of behavioral change. By developing accessible concepts, methods, and tools for agency and client teams, WHY will be able to integrate behavioral science thinking into a vast range of programs and projects.

This matters because small behavioral points scale up to serious business challenges. For example, poor treatment adherence contributes to 200,000 premature deaths and billions in excess healthcare services per year. Missed medical appoints cost healthcare services millions per year. Improvements in physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and diet could possibly account for an 80% reduction in the risk of serious chronic disease. The potential cost saving from earlier cancer diagnoses is estimated to be $26 billion in the U.S. alone.

BCW WHY combines behavioral insights, data science, and human-centered design resulting in a deeper, more holistic understanding of human behavior. At the center of this system is the proprietary MOVE behavioral framework, which states that successful behavior change occurs when an intervention builds motivation, increases opportunity, aligns with values, and builds efficacy. Currently, the BCW WHY team is working on a range of research and delivery projects expected to—at its core—MOVE people to better behavior and understanding that prevents disease, reduces costs, and improves lives.


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