ELITE 2022 Launch Expert Meg Drew of Pfizer

Meg Drew

Global Marketing Director – Internal Medicine


A Savvy Marketing Mind

Launching a brand in the middle of a pandemic, in a crowded category with competition from brands with deep pharmaceutical pockets requires a savvy brand marketer to guide a strategy that will show immediate impact for the brand. Meg Drew fits that description to a T, which is why Impel NeuroPharma looked at her 10+ years of healthcare experience and tapped her to shepherd their newest product from pre-approval to launch.

Trudhesa (dihydroergotamine mesylate) nasal spray (0.725 mg per spray) for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults was FDA approved in September 2021 as the first and only therapeutic to use POD technology to deliver dihydroergotamine mesylate (DHE) to the vascular-rich upper nasal space. In her former role as Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Impel NeuroPharma, Meg had many hurdles to clear prior to FDA approval, including agency partner selection in order to collaborate on launch strategy.

Meg left no stone unturned, she analyzed sales, script, and fulfillment data and presented her findings to her agency teams, posing brand challenges and encouraging collaboration of teams in order to arrive at the best possible solution. The most important aspect of Meg’s role from the brand’s perspective was proving that initiatives were achieving, and more importantly, exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs). Using methodology that tied marketing impact to script lift, Meg helped set up Trudhesa to break through the clutter and achieve the brand’s 2022 script goals.

During all of this, Meg always made sure to challenge everyone to think differently, while taking the time to motivate every person she interacted with and acknowledge star performers across all teams she directly and indirectly managed. She has been known to not only give verbal praise, but to go above and beyond by creating certificates with custom superlatives to congratulate individual team members on a job well done.

All of her hard work set up Trudhesa for success and helped patients with acute migraine meet their therapeutic goals. Meg recently transitioned to a new role at Pfizer as a Global Marketing Director focused on global patient activation.


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