ELITE 2022 Data Miner Erin DeRuggiero of TI Health

Erin DeRuggiero


TI Health

The Future of Omnichannel Personalization

Every generation needs a group of pioneers to set the standard for the next wave of innovation. Erin DeRuggiero’s success and passion over the past two years has proven that she belongs in this group.

As a business leader she has built a diverse team, growing the employee base more than 20% since the start of the pandemic. She has empowered and mentored women in data science, account management, and finance. The company’s explosive growth and employee retention are only a few of the reasons why TI Health was certified as a Great Places to Work company in 2021.

TI Health saw growth in excess of 40% YoY, creating new innovative ways for clients to reach their target audiences, resulting in ROI as high as 160:1. ROI proof points show no sign of slowing with over two dozen case studies showing positive script lift and new to brand starts across more than 20 different therapeutic areas.

In 2021, Erin led her team in the commercialization of TI Health’s Affiniti platform, a machine learning and predictive analytics break-through, fueled by provider preferences associated with omnichannel activation. The platform gives manufacturers and med device clients license to better understand receptivity to digital messaging, channel, and content preferences—decoupled from media activation. Affiniti supports the industry’s move to a much more digital, customer-centric world where personalization is key to driving engagement. Studies show that healthcare professionals are five-times more likely to engage with messaging when its specifically tailored to their preferences.

Outside of TI Health, Erin is also an advocate and member of the GLBTQ community. Erin has long supported organizations such as GLAAD, The Trevor Project, and the Human Rights Campaign Fund, through volunteer work, speaking engagements about healthcare inequity at JPM, and the disproportionate mental health burden shouldered by GLBTQ youth.

In 2021, Erin was recognized as a Leading Woman in Media by AdMonsters and FOLIO:—an award that recognized both her impact both professionally and personally. She was also recently named one of 28 Women of Distinction by MM+M, for her outstanding leadership and commitment to innovation in healthcare.


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