ELITE 2021 Launch Experts Jake Lorms and Ardra Gerard of ViiV Healthcare

Jake Lorms

Manager, Payer Field Training

ViiV Healthcare

Ardra Gerard

Payer Marketing Manager, Injectables

ViiV Healthcare

Standing Apart from the Crowd

ViiV Healthcare’s CABENUVA (cabotegravir extended-release injectable suspension; rilpivirine extended-release injectable suspension) is an option in the HIV treatment landscape that has, until now, not seen a long-acting injectable regimen. CABENUVA is a complete prescription regimen used to treat HIV-1 in adults as a replacement for their current HIV-1 treatment when their healthcare provider determines that they meet certain requirements. As with any product that stands apart from the pattern of what has already been done, the launch strategy and execution would need to challenge the status quo, shifting perceptions and shaping experiences.

As the leaders for the launch, Ardra Gerard and Jake Lorms created resources that were clear, well defined, and united in direction. These resources included first-hand perspectives on payer challenges in managing HIV and reasons why patients may need access to alternative HIV treatment options. This helped to set the stage to address customer needs, advance perspectives, and guide access decisions.

As the team moved further through uncharted territory, Jake and Ardra devised a unique way to upskill the field teams through a series of virtual training sprints that prepared them to explore new paths for customer engagement. Each digestible session was an opportunity to not only build acumen and become familiar with the resources but to be an active part of developing the content to address customer and patient needs.

When the launch leaders weren’t building capabilities, they were inspiring their colleagues. Although the team was separated because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jake and Ardra created a virtual motivational event. Interactive exercises challenged each to look into their own lives to find examples of new paths, new experiences, and shifting mindsets.

With launch well underway, the field team finds themselves enlightened and empowered to lead through this important inflection point, with Ardra and Jake being the launch leaders to flip that switch.


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