ELITE 2022 Data Miner Ana Calabrese of Veeva Systems

Ana Calabrese

Senior Director, Data Science & Methodology, Crossix Analytics

Veeva Systems

Understanding the Complexities of Omnichannel Measurement

A data visionary, Ana Calabrese has spearheaded a wide range of impactful projects. Her far-reaching work extends from the world of academia, where she built computational models to uncover how neurons process information, to a startup where she identified the real-time impact of large-scale advertising campaigns. Seeing the need for data innovation in a field that impacts bringing new treatments to patients, Ana joined Veeva Systems in 2021 heading up Data Science & Methodology within Crossix Analytics.

She recently tackled a growing challenge for healthcare marketers: the complexities of omnichannel measurement. With pharma media waste reported to reach up to 25%, the industry is clamoring to understand how promotions and engagement across channels can reach the right audience, and collectively impact patient outcomes.

Inspired by alternative methods in academia and advertising, Ana led her team to develop Veeva Crossix’s Omnichannel Boost solution using a robust, longitudinal data set that incorporates every touchpoint an HCP or patient is exposed to along their health journey. Unlike other measurement solutions, Omnichannel Boost connects promotional data at the patient and HCP level with patient health information and HCP characteristics so life sciences companies can answer questions they couldn’t before. The solution helps pharma brands gain a precise view of campaign performance and optimize marketing spend in an almost surgical way. In an initial early adopter program, a top 20 pharma brand found that complementing in-person engagements with digital content made HCPs 30% more likely to prescribe the marketed treatment than those that weren’t.

Ana continues to push the boundaries of Veeva Crossix’s capabilities. Using state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) and statistical tools, her team will pilot two new ML approaches for local TV and geo-measurement. These will enable marketers to understand the incremental impact of campaigns from multiple angles, especially where patient-level exposure data isn’t available as health marketers enter a cookie-less world.

“Ana has a rare ability to transform complex data science into digestible concepts so companies can act fast,” says Sarah Caldwell, General Manager of Veeva Crossix Analytics. “She never settles with what’s already working. Instead, she consistently finds new ways to get more out of the data.”


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