ELITE 2021 Digital Crusader Kate Horvath of Propeller

Kate Horvath

Vice President, Strategy & Innovation


On-Trend, Fashionable Digital Innovation

Kate Horvath is the digital innovator at Propeller. Since joining the agency in 2019, she’s been busy, creating new ways to inspire big thinking and drive company-wide engagement. From her long career in fashion marketing to her current role as Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Kate brings an incredibly unique perspective of progressive innovation. Her unconventional thinking and big business approaches have transformed employee advancement, operations, and the way Propeller inspires changes in the industry.

Kate introduced Propeller Pulse, with the ongoing goal to keep the team “in-the-know” and at the forefront of innovation. Starting as an internal digital communications platform blending aspects of social networking and newsfeed for optimal cross-department collaboration, workday productivity, and real-time employee connection, it has since evolved to be a lifestyle and approach to culture.

Propeller Pulse is comprised of multiple streams and experiences, internally and externally, all living into its brand mission. For example, INNOVATE introduces employees to vendors and leading tech companies across the world in virtual informational sessions. Fueling Propeller’s digital expertise, Kate has spearheaded an array of training programs—the newest being a month-long series with IAB to ensure all teams have the same fluency with ad formats, HCP targeting, measurement, and data. With these kinds of internal “Pulse” experiences, the team has been able to proactively pitch and lead execution of new-to-healthcare solutions.

For clients, Kate launched THE EDIT, a quarterly report of the latest digital marketing trends, that then shows its application to healthcare advertising. Her curated predictions and simplified syntheses of novel ideas are posted on Propeller’s blog, emailed to subscribers, and discussed on social.

The most satisfying aspect of digital innovation is this: the possibilities are truly endless. That means that Kate’s ideas and implementations across Propeller are ever evolving and will continue to be a change agent for healthcare creativity. For both employees and clients, Propeller Pulse, The EDIT, and whatever Kate dreams up next will directly improve healthcare marketing everywhere. As we all know, better healthcare is fashionable in every season.


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