ELITE 2021 Talent Acquisition Leader Melissa Morrow of Calcium

Melissa Morrow

Partner, Chief People Officer


Providing the Nourishment for Growth

Melissa Morrow has elevated the art of providing essential nourishment to current and potential Calcium employees. She also supplies plenty of what’s important—like organization, encouragement, Snickers, and Milky Ways.

Melissa is a highly accomplished leader whose work continues to build brands and businesses and whose positive impact on individuals and society continues to grow. She cares for things in the work sphere with much of the same focus, energy, and passion that she brings to her family life. In all of her endeavors, Melissa is driven to seek the most productive path forward and to deliver the most positive outcomes.

While she is highly collaborative by nature, she can also assert a strong independence when the situation warrants it. This makes her a leader who speaks with authority and credibility, whose voice is heeded by all who interact with her. Throughout the many phases of her life and career, Melissa has been successful at making good things happen—at turning challenges and opportunities into positive results. And, fortunately for her family, friends, colleagues, and clients, Melissa is in no way slowing down.

Last year, Calcium grew its staff with 75 new employees—all thanks to Melissa’s recruitment and hiring efforts. Of the hires, 18 were internal referrals, six recruiter-led (digital-focused, roles), and 51 were direct from Melissa’s sourcing efforts.

Melissa epitomizes leadership through her business acumen, systematic approach to hiring, and commitment to supporting her employees to accomplish all that they can. She effectively works across these disparate skills, drawing from her array of career experiences. Melissa has learned in her variety of roles in Traffic, Account, Sales, and now HR, how to hone her skills at sharp and succinct communication. Her extensive experience on the client side has provided her with the experiences and background to hire the best people to work at Calcium.

Melissa Morrow. Truly the epitome of a talent acquisition leader.


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