ELITE 2021 Digital Crusader Jake Knorr of Acadia Pharmaceuticals

Jake Knorr

Senior Product Manager, Digital Marketing

Acadia Pharmaceuticals

The Digital Solutions Maestro

When Acadia, like many pharma companies, decided to incorporate a digital “center of excellence” philosophy, they searched for someone who could skillfully manage a variety of digital needs—projects both large and small with standard year-over-year improvements in addition to industry-leading innovations. With 20 years of pharma experience and a passion for digital marketing, Jake Knorr was the perfect fit. He joined the company in 2018 and has facilitated a shift to a focus on and value of digital marketing.

In the past year alone, he has overhauled nearly every Acadia-owned website, launched three new websites, and spearheaded the development of an AI-powered chatbot to be incorporated into future web updates.

Jake also spent the past year leading implementation of new CMS and CRM systems for Acadia, meaning that all web building and restructuring had to be done within entirely new platforms. The new CMS has since made all of Acadia’s sites more interconnected, efficient, and economical, and has significantly smoothed the rollout process. And, crucially, the new CMS is more user-friendly.

In an unprecedented year, the impact of Jake’s multiple large-scale projects was further enhanced by digital media optimization efforts. With participation from cross-functional teammates, Jake helped Acadia quickly roll out solutions including virtual point of care promotional initiatives for patients that served tailored ads within virtual waiting rooms; and an innovative targeting blitz directed towards HCPs in an environment that had to quickly pivot to non-personal, virtual, and digital solutions.

Jake effortlessly balances his skills as a pharma marketer, digital strategist, and technology aficionado, and transitions between the three with ease. Never losing sight of the big-picture strategy or the smallest detail, he pursues excellence in everything he does, and works to advance Acadia’s digital ecosystem on behalf of patients, caregivers, and HCPs to better serve the company and the pharma industry.


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