ELITE 2020 Launch Expert Annemarie Armstrong of Dudnyk

Annemarie Armstrong

EVP, Director of Client Services


Breaking into Rare Disease Markets

One of Annemarie’s best qualities as a leader and mentor is her ability to set clear expectations and then hold her teams to those expectations. She inspires everyone around her to be accountable for meeting clients’ goals on a daily and long-term basis. She also knows exactly when to roll up her sleeves and lead by example. Above all else, however, is her ability to lead teams through the challenges that typically come with every new product launch.

One important tenet that Annemarie consistently drives: Think ahead. She advises a day-of-approval plan, a 30-day plan, a 60-day plan, a 90-day plan, and contingency plans for every single one of them. Her strategic and organizational prowess means each product launch she leads has few surprises as she plans for every potential curveball that can, and will, happen.

Another unique aspect of Annemarie’s launch expertise is her wholistic view of brand launches that extends far beyond ensuring availability upon approval. Annemarie gets that the success of any launch begins long before the FDA gives the product the green light. In order for brands to achieve their greatest potential, many other factors have to be addressed—especially in Dudnyk’s key area of focus in rare disease.

Annemarie will be the first to tell you that executing a successful rare disease product launch often begins in the initial pre-launch phase. Patients need to be found, educated, and prepared to initiate treatment. Physicians need to be armed with an understanding of how to diagnose and treat these patients. And entire communities must appreciate what your brand has to offer in alleviating disease burden. Likewise, post-launch brand optimization is considered at every stage of planning, and Annemarie’s ability to plan for what’s coming is as keen as her ability to lead her team through challenges and opportunities.

Successfully launching a specialty brand is filled with a multitude of demanding situations, but Annemarie takes on each one with expert determination and optimism. Whether working with or for Annemarie, you will quickly realize that there is no one better to have by your side and on your team for a successful product launch.


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