PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Point of Care Winner Shire and Intouch Solutions

Mydayis Go Early Program (Shire, Intouch Solutions)

Launching yet another ADHD drug into this landscape, Shire needed to perform the seemingly impossible task of introducing Mydayis (approved June 2017) as a long-acting solution for adults with ADHD in a bold, invigorating way while minimizing cannibalization of Shire’s existing ADHD portfolio.

Because of the FDA’s early approval, HCPs and the Mydayis sales force had the opportunity to prescribe the drug and make the ADHD and medical community aware of the compelling new treatment before it was launched commercially. To use this to their advantage, Intouch gathered patient insights, gave the statistics to HCPs, and put the ability to write Mydayis into their hands before the commercial launch of the drug. Their initiative accomplished all of this, while still abiding by stringent FDA marketing guidelines.

In the seven-week window ahead of commercial launch, but after FDA approval, the program equipped the Mydayis sales force with a breadth of assets to share with HCPs—a comprehensive prescribing information booklet, dosing guide, and patient starter kits in a convenient storage box. HCPs handed the patient starter kits to their first Mydayis patients. Once an HCP or patient enrolled in the program, they were invited to participate in three surveys. The HCP survey focused on their feedback about prescribing Mydayis. The patient survey focused on the characteristics of a true Mydayis patient and their initial experience on treatment.

The Go Early Program was enormously successful—meeting its primary goal of gathering patient insights and using them to motivate HCPs to prescribe Mydayis. In all, 5,744 patients were on therapy before Mydayis was commercially available and 66% of GEP patients requested to stay on Mydayis.


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