ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Rachel Berman of Verywell

Rachel Berman

General Manager


Modernizing Digital Health Publishing

Rachel Berman is an accomplished Registered Dietitian (RD), author (Boosting Your Metabolism for Dummies and Mediterranean Diet for Dummies), and frequent media contributor who is passionate about sharing practical and science-based information related to health and wellness. That is why when Verywell launched in mid-2016 with the mission of delivering accessible health advice from top specialists with a modern, user-friendly design, Rachel was the perfect choice to serve as Head of Content.

In that role, Rachel helped guide the development of the Verywell brand from inception. Through Verywell’s content library of more than 50,000 articles, Rachel helps inspire her readers daily to understand their health and feel empowered to make decisions around their own well-being. Rachel’s knowledge and seamless assimilation into the digital publishing industry are evident in Verywell’s trajectory.

Since its 2016 launch, U.S. monthly unique visitors have grown 26% from 11.9 million in May 2016 to nearly 15 million in February 2018. Rachel’s attention to the brand voice and emphasis on providing clear, credible information for users continuously places Verywell as one of the top 10 sites in its category—a key player in the health and wellness advertising landscape.

Rachel works closely with editorial and tech teams to ensure the content experience is optimized for both readers and advertisers. The site features a modern, responsive, clean design on all platforms. All of Verywell’s content is created by its more than 120 experts, including doctors, trainers, dietitians, and other health professionals—and each medical fact is reviewed by board-certified physicians.

When it came time to decide how to distribute that content in a way that best serves readers, Rachel, now in her General Manager role, helped pave the way for the site’s four platforms focused on highlighting resources for conditions, diet & fitness, mental health, and pregnancy and parenting. Whether guiding her team through such important decisions, or through day-to-day operations, Rachel is unafraid of the edge of innovation, and is the first to eagerly lead her team into uncharted and evolving digital horizons.


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