ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Patricia Brown of Merck & Co.

Patricia Brown

Executive Director of Marketing

Merck & Co., Inc.

Leading the Authenticity Charge

Tricia Brown is passionate about communicating more authentically with customers, providing the information they need, and ensuring health literacy. And she is turning this passion into action as she works to drive change within Merck by leading innovation in analytics, consumer marketing, medical education, and launch submission strategies. Her current focus is developing more relevant digital content—faster.

For example, Tricia recognized the need to ignite a major internal push for advancements and innovation in digital video strategy. Some of the biggest hurdles in executing impactful and engaging patient video are finding the right patients and physicians and getting real, authentic storylines approved. With this in mind, Tricia worked with Dramatic Health, a production partner for patient health videos, to lead the charge. Multiple brand teams commenced development of the “Real Patient Experience” video series, and in less than a year, three videos are now approved and in market.

“With Tricia as an internal champion for change, we have been able to evolve not only the way we look at video marketing, but how the strategy is built from concept through delivery with cooperation from brand team leads, agency teams, and legal, medical, and regulatory,” says Sean Moloney, CEO and Co-founder of Dramatic Health. “We also continue to make strides with the integration of fair balance and making sure each patient’s story is told with an authentic voice, an educational message, and an impactful storyline.”

For Tricia, that is her goal for all of Merck’s communications.

“I believe that significant change is necessary and achievable,” Tricia explains. “I encourage teams to think and act like small business owners, not letting the status quo and the organizational silos of a big corporation impede their efforts.”

Tricia has made progress by openly addressing cultural and process barriers, establishing shared goals across functions, creating a sense of urgency, and leveraging best practices from partners who have customer-focused business models.


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