ELITE 2018 Mentor Jim Pellettiere of Amgen

Jim Pellettiere

Marketing Director


The Modern Mentor

“Jim Pellettiere is a Modern Mentor,” says Valerie Bugtai-Elias, VP, Group Account Director at precisioneffect. “He instills confidence in both his internal team and agency partners. He leads with compassion. He asks thoughtful and tough questions to understand and better lead his brand, customers, and team. He facilitates frank and timely dialogue. And he somehow manages to have a sense of humor, supportive approach, collaborative way, and honesty that motivates the team to do their best no matter the challenge, success, or team member’s position. Jim has brought out the best across stakeholders and levels. His mentorship has led to cross-functional, internal buy-in, and external launches of competitive programs.

Despite routine organizational and marketplace changes, Jim has stewarded successful achievement of business and partnership goals, as both a mentor and leader. Currently, he leads Aranesp (darbepoetin alfa) and Epogen (epoetin alfa) marketing across the business unit, hospital strategies, campaigns, and execution of high-value plans. By pushing for strategic thoughtfulness and innovative approaches, it has resulted in timely and competitive impact that has led to reassured hospitals/dialysis centers and helped to provide patients with quality/safe treatment and education.

Jim also has had countless marketing achievements over the course of his career. In a previous role at Amgen, he led commercial strategy of two brands (Vectibix and Neulasta) in seven countries, which achieved approximately $350M in annual sales. He developed the Vectibix and Neulasta launch plans and executed sales force training for a new Colombia affiliate. Furthermore, he identified strategic opportunity for a four-country Latin American market research project to maximize brand performance with 2014 and 2015 regional programs. He also launched the region’s first commercial advisory board with KOLs representing five Latin American countries and achieved a regional understanding of the barriers and opportunities for RAS testing.


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