ELITE 2018 Mentor Daniel Guinipero of Boehringer Ingelheim

Daniel Guinipero

Director of Cardiovascular Marketing

Boehringer Ingelheim

Developing People and Brand Growth Strategy

Beginning his career as a BI sales representative over 17 years ago, Daniel Guinipero has continuously excelled within the organization and risen to become their current Director of Cardiovascular Marketing. While Dan has excelled professionally on an impressive career trajectory, he is also extremely well-respected and known as a passionate and inspiring colleague willing to help others.

“I have the pleasure of working under Dan’s leadership on the CV brand team, and his energy is contagious,” says Josh John, Associate Director, Cardiovascular Marketing at BI. “He spends every minute of every day thinking about our customers and how we can support them with our field force. Even though I don’t report directly to Dan, he’s taken me under his wing, teaching me the ins and outs of brand marketing and helping me become successful in my new role. In short, Dan is who I aspire to be in my career: A strategic thinker who knows how to execute in a fast and focused way.”

But not only have people thrived under Dan’s leadership, so has the BI cardiovascular franchise.

Dan has worked with McCann Healthcare to create a number of successful marketing campaigns, all of which have helped reinforce the perception of the brand as a safe novel oral anticoagulant (NOAC) that cardiologists can trust. The most compelling example of this may be the creation of the provocative, unbranded emergency reversal videos that the CV sales reps use as an opening for calls with HCPs. The strategic objective of these videos is to disrupt the mindset of “we’ll never need a reversal agent” and shift HCP thinking to “let’s prepare for everything, including the unpredictable.”

“I’ve been with this brand since its launch,” says Robert Volpe, Senior District Manager at BI, “and I truly believe that much of its success is due to Dan’s ideas and brand leadership.”


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