ELITE 2018 Creative Director Yoon K. Kang of Pfizer

Yoon K. Kang

Sr. Manager, LYRICA Marketing U.S.


Making Access Data Binge-Watchable

Having great data that impacts your performance can be tricky. On one hand, the data may be fully embraced and used to make sound business decisions. On the other hand, if the data looks too good, it may be ignored because it seems too good to be true.

This is the dilemma that faced Yoon Kang in 2017. As part of the sales strategy for LYRICA® (pregabalin), sales representatives are equipped with access and affordability messages that are personalized for each healthcare provider they meet and engage. But, the recipients of the messages did not believe the data. Yoon’s spark of creative insight was to ask: Why don’t we “lift the hood” of the dynamic data and messages? This transparency will lead to more confidence in the data and better prepare the sales force.

The result was the Under the Hood video series, a fun and engaging way to inform the sales field that access and affordability messages are based on sound business logic fueled by accurate and reliable industry data.

One of the challenges of this task was to create a video that was concise and easy-to-understand, yet thorough and compelling. How do you captivate busy sales representatives with a story about numbers and formulas? Yoon answered the challenge by taking on the roles of director, talent scout, and impresario—and imbuing them with her creative spirit. The video series introduces a cast of characters that enliven the data discussion, and also uses managers at Pfizer to deliver key messages. The first episode was a Pfizer sensation and has spawned several sequels.

How did Yoon manage to make a series about data sources and business rules something you want to binge-watch? Maybe we’ll find out in an upcoming episode.


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