ELITE 2018 Creative Director James Hackett of INVIVO Communications Inc.

James Hackett

Creative Director

INVIVO Communications Inc.

Advancing AR and VR Initiatives

“James Hackett has surpassed all expectations since joining INVIVO Communications,” says Kevin Millar, SVP, Creative and Medical Sciences at the agency. “Since his arrival just over two years ago, James has evolved our creative processes and developed innovative projects utilizing the latest technology.”

As a Creative Director, he currently oversees the Graphic Design and User Experience departments at INVIVO. In that role, James has been instrumental in seamlessly connecting the purposeful impact of these disciplines with client’s needs. For example, James led the creative development of INVIVO’s first HoloLens Augmented Reality project, The Cystic Fibrosis HoloLens Experience. He also co-directed INVIVO’s first fully immersive, publicly released HTC Vive VR program, “The Enlightened League of Bone Builders”—the application for this alone has been downloaded more than 25,800 times globally as of March 2018.

James is always able to recommend the best technological platform or solution to bring INVIVO’s concepts to life and meet the needs of their clients. Based on his experience, he has been able to present at many industry events, including VR in Healthcare, The VR/AR Association, and the VRTO World Conference & Expo.

Typically found at the forefront of new technology, James was instrumental in developing a Facial Landmarking Tool, an R&D prototype that integrated real-time 3D facial scanning with a custom tablet application and display the output using Microsoft HoloLens. He also played a key role in ensuring INVIVO was formally accepted into Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program, the only North American agency partner working exclusively in healthcare and applied science.

These days, James is busy with the creative oversight of world-first solutions for INVIVO’s large roster of globally recognized clients. One such solution is INVIVO’s first life-size holographic installation for use at an upcoming conference.

“I truly believe that James’ work in ideating purposeful digital solutions and prioritizing the need for increased R&D at INVIVO,” Millar adds, “has elevated our offerings and added great value for our clients.”


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