ELITE 2022 Transformational Leader Larry Smith of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A., Inc.

Larry Smith

Senior Director, Entyvio Patient Marketing, GIBU, IBD Franchise

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A., Inc.

Creating a Standard for Inclusive Marketing

With a reputation forged from more than 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Larry Smith has been known as a catalyst for growth and transformation long before we deemed him an ELITE Transformational Leader. His long and storied career contains countless examples of exemplary leadership, so it’s no surprise he has done it again in is his most recent stint at the helm of the Entyvio patient strategy.

Since joining Takeda in June 2020, Larry has transformed the Entyvio consumer tech, digital, and data capabilities; revealed new meaningful consumer insights; and initiated new DE&I workstreams, such as the DE&I Challenge Network, to help make Entyvio relevant and authentic for underserved and Black/Brown communities and provide the IBD care to these communities that they deserve.

Larry guides and elevates members of cross-functional teams. He brings people together to provide important perspective and create synergies to find innovative solutions to the problems they encounter. He is known to encourage strategic thinking and a collaborative approach among all members of his team, regardless of their departments, titles, or divisions. A champion of diversity of thought, Larry nurtures the unique talents of the individuals around him.

Leadership can manifest in many ways, but perhaps the most powerful form of leadership is the influence one can have on those around them. As a teacher and mentor, Larry is actively shaping the next generation of leaders within his own team. Larry’s direct reports benefit from his positive feedback and recognition and have become stewards and leaders in their own right. Their achievements amplify Larry’s impact, and the reverberations of his excellence spread farther and wider with each passing year.


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