Digital Health Networks Announces Official Selections for Cinehealth International Health & Wellness Film and Video Festival

Digital Health Networks announced its lineup of features and audio storytelling for the Cinehealth International Health and Wellness Film and Video Festival. This year’s festival takes place live in Philadelphia at Digital Pharma East on September 12th, followed by a virtual segment at Digital Health Networks ( The festival showcases the best of emerging artists from the U.S and internationally.

The festival is an international film festival focusing exclusively on health and wellness. CINEHEALTH works to bring the community together through patient and HCP engagement using innovative storytelling.

The 2023 lineup showcases films from across the globe, including the U.S., Greece, and Egypt, among others.

The CINEHEALTH AWARDS will be presented in the following categories: Feature Films, Short Films, Episodic Series, Social Media Shorts, and Podcasts.

The full lineup for the 2023 Cinehealth International Health and Wellness Film and Video Festival is listed below and at

Feature Films

Cancer Rebellion
Credits: Director: Hernan Barangan

Matter of Mind: My ALS
Credits: Directed by Anna Moot-Levin & Laura Green
Produced by David Alvarado, Laura Green, Anna Moot-Levin, Jason Sussberg

Securing the Real Mission: Palo Alto Networks for Healthcare
Directors: Alex Yakubov, Aiden Fishbein
Producers: Aiden Fishbein, Jeff Carter, and Viewstream production team

The Creative High
Credits: Adriana Marchione, Director Dianne Griffin, Producer Kirk Goldberg

Cybersecurity for the changing world of healthcare
Credits: Director: Alex Yakubov Director: Aiden Fishbein
Producer: Aiden Fishbein, and extended Viewstream production team

Short Films

Justified Medical Mistrust: Acknowledging the Past to Change the Future: How Does a Clinical Trial Benefit Me?
Credits: Executive Producer: Cancer Support Community
Produced by: Eucharia Borden and Audrey Davis
Director: JW Perkins

Here We Are: Voices of Black Women Who Live with HIV
Credits: Cinematography by Davina “Dee” Conner, Pablo Zanardi de Castro

The Strength We Share
Credits: Director: Evan Gardner
Producer: Evan Gardner

Credits: Writer/Director/Producer – Chad Smathers
Writer/Producer/Lead Actress – Kirstin Pfeiffer

Porfyri Lemonia
Credits: Director: Dimitris Andjus

Credits: Director: Elena Ruiz Amann

No Offense
Credits: Director: Dimitris Andjus

Credits: Director: Dimitris Andjus

The Routine
Credits: Director Dimitris Andjus

Credits: Idea & Scriptwriter: Nourhan Ezz

Molecules of Destiny
Credits: Director: Massimo Ivan Falsetta

Love Don’t Bully
Credits: MESA/ Middle School Students at Turquoise Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Choose the Healthy Way!
Credits: Directors: Zoran Kubura, Bojan Hadžiabdić

My Dad is Orange
Credits: Director: Elle Ralph
Producer: James Davis

Ian, a Moving Story
Credits: Director: Abel Goldfarb
Producer: Juan José Campanella

Water, Star Medicine
Credits: Dr. Lisa Spencer and Santa Fe Students through MESA

Research Detectives: Finding Loss Memory
Credits: Producer: Penelope Douglas

Hope is Here: Working Towards Independence
Credits: Producer: Linda Corley

Episodic Series

A Life Worth Running
Credits: Director: Max Casanova
Producer: Max Casanova

How Cedars-Sinai Treat GI Cancers
Credits: Producer Jonathon Sommers

Cancer Brief
Credits: Producer Jonathon Sommers

The Human Body
Credits: Producer Bruce Blausen

Brain Mapping Used in Epilepsy Treatment | Living Minute
Credits: Producer – Penelope Douglas

Maryon Stewart’s Menopause Moment
Credits: Host & Writer: Maryon Stewart

Social Media Shorts

PatientPoint Academy: Decision Fatigue
Credits: Director/Sr. Producer: Drew Muckell

Patient Journey: Multiple Myeloma
Credits: Director/Sr. Producer: Drew Muckell

Tips for Managing Eczema at Night
Credits: Writer: Ellen Lewis
Animator: Clint Woods

Autism (Poor Visual Communication)
Credits: Art Director & Animation: Mahmoud Mokhtar

Bizarre Medical Facts from 20 YouTube Doctors
Executive Producer: Doctor Mike
Managing Editor and Producer: Sam Bowers

My Most Extreme Patient Encounters
Executive Producer: Doctor Mike
Managing Editor and Producer: Sam Bowers

Postpartum Depression
Credits: Marketing Manager: Saber Helal


The Cancer Mavericks
Credits: Executive Producers: Matthew Zachary, Steve Lickteig, Andrew MacDowell

Inside Mental Health
Credits: Creator and Host:  Gabe Howard

An Arm & A Leg
Credits: Creator & Host: Dan Weissmann
Associate Producer: Emily Pisacreta

Doctors Without Borders
Credits: Creator & Host Nick Owen

NPR “Pulse”
Credits: Executive Producer & Host: Maiken Scott

The Addiction Help Podcast
Credits: Producers: Chris Carberg, Michael Moesch

For festival information, including a full list of screenings that will be presented at the 2023 Cinehealth International Health and Wellness Film and Video Festival and how to obtain a pass, visit


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