The Food and Drug Administration issued a health warning on May 16th, 2016, regarding the use of oral ketoconazole for the treatment of skin and nail dermatophyte and candidal infections – wait what? Why is this even an active discussion? Let’s take a step back: In July 2013, the FDA strengthened its warnings and withdrew FDA indications for ketoconazole, specifically stating that its use for Candida and dermatophyte infections is no longer indicated and that it should only be considered in fungal infections, such as blastomycosis, coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis, chromomycosis, and paracoccidioidomycosis, when other antifungals are not available.

The reality is that for, most clinicians, it has been well accepted for years that this drug has significant toxicities, probably the most among the azole class, especially in terms of liver issues and drug interactions being one of the most potent inhibitors of the hepatic CYP (cytochrome P450) system.

Endocrinologists have been preaching that the drug can impair adrenal function, causing insufficiency. So this warning begs the question … who is still actively prescribing this medication? Sadly, this advisory was in response to data showing that this drug was still being prescribed for skin and nail fungal infections in 2015, as well as one documented death associated with its use for this indication. Seriously? Terbinafine (250 mg daily for 6 weeks for fingernails, 12 weeks for toenails) and fluconazole (300 mg weekly for 6 months for fingernails and 9 months for toenails) are both safe and cheap means to treat onychomycosis. If you can get it covered, we even have effective topical treatments for onychomycosis, not to mention we have ALWAYS had topical options for superficial cutaneous mycoses. This is a no brainer. Just say NO to oral ketoconazole.

Dr. Adam Friedman is the residency program director and director of translational research in the department of dermatology, George Washington University, Washington. He is on the editorial advisory board of Dermatology News. He has no related disclosures.