Respiratory Medicine

  • STEMI team repurposed for rapid treatment of pulmonary emboli

    on February 23rd, 2017
    AT THE 2017 CRT MEETING WASHINGTON (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – The in-hospital team responsible for rapid management of ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) may also be the right team to manage pulmonary embolism (PE), according to a pilot study associating this approach with rapid treatment [...]
  • Sarcoidosis doubles hospitalized infection risk

    on February 23rd, 2017
    FROM ANNALS OF THE AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Persons with sarcoidosis were found to have double the risk of hospitalization, compared with age-matched controls in a population-based cohort study that also linked glucocorticoid use with an increased risk of hospitalization in this group. Using data f[...]
  • Small study: Drug combo achieves negative bacterial culture in all TB patients

    on February 22nd, 2017
    AT CROI SEATTLE (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – An all-oral drug combination achieved negative bacterial culture in 100% of patients with extensively drug resistant (XDR) or multidrug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis at 4 months, according to a study. The drugs used were bedaquiline (400 mg once daily for [...]
  • Most lung recipients gain 2-year survival benefit

    on February 22nd, 2017
    FROM ANNALS OF THE AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Nearly three-quarters of lung transplant recipients are likely to gain at least 2 years of survival, according to new research. In a study published in the February issue of the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, researchers used data from 13,040 ad[...]
  • Prednisone reduces TB-IRIS risk

    on February 22nd, 2017
    AT CROI SEATTLE (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – In patients coinfected with HIV and tuberculosis, addition of prednisone to an antiretroviral therapy (ART)/TB regimen significantly reduced the incidence of tuberculosis-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (TB-IRIS). The study showed a reduction [...]
  • Watch and wait often better than resecting in ground-glass opacities

    on February 22nd, 2017
    FROM CHEST Three years of follow-up is adequate for partially solid ground-glass opacity lesions that do not progress, while pure ground-glass opacity lesions that show no progression may require further follow-up care, a study suggests. The results of the long-term outcome investigation of 226 pati[...]
  • Pertussis susceptibility estimates call for public health push

    on February 21st, 2017
    FROM THE PEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS DISEASE JOURNAL Estimates of high pertussis susceptibility in infants suggest a need for greater public health efforts to increase DTaP vaccine coverage in children and Tdap coverage in pregnant women, according to results of research by Lana Childs and Robert A. Bednar[...]
  • Vitamin D reduces respiratory infection risk

    on February 17th, 2017
    FROM THE BMJ Administering doses of a vitamin D supplement to patients can significantly mitigate their risk of developing acute respiratory tract infections, according to a recent study published by the BMJ. “[Existing] epidemiological and in vitro data have prompted numerous randomized controlle[...]
  • Flu activity levels high in 23 states

    on February 14th, 2017
    The number of states at the highest level of flu activity jumped from 7 to 19 during the week ending Feb. 4, 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 19 states at level 10 on the CDC’s 1-10 scale of influenza-like illness (ILI) activity were largely concentrated in th[...]
  • Bronchiolitis pathway adherence tied to shorter LOS, lower costs

    on February 13th, 2017
    FROM PEDIATRICS High adherence to bronchiolitis clinical pathway recommendations in health care settings is associated with shorter length of stay (LOS) and lower health care costs, according to Mersine A. Bryan, MD, of the University of Washington, Seattle and her associates. In a retrospective coh[...]
  • Rituximab is dramatically effective in IgG4-related disease

    on February 10th, 2017
    EXPERT ANALYSIS FROM THE WINTER RHEUMATOLOGY SYMPOSIUM SNOWMASS, COLO. (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Glucocorticoids remain the first-line therapy in immunoglobulin G4-related disease, but it’s essential to bear in mind that their long-term efficacy in this immune-mediated fibroinflammatory disease[...]
  • IgG4-related disease can strike any organ system

    on February 9th, 2017
    EXPERT ANALYSIS FROM THE WINTER RHEUMATOLOGY SYMPOSIUM SNOWMASS, COLO. (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Progress in the understanding and treatment of immunoglobulin G4–related disease is occurring “at lightning speed,” John H. Stone, MD, said at the Winter Rheumatology Symposium sponsored by the [...]
  • Review offers reassurance on prenatal Tdap vaccination safety

    on February 8th, 2017
    FROM OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Combined tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap) vaccination during the second or third trimester of pregnancy does not appear to be associated with clinically significant harm to the fetus or neonate, according to findings from a systematic review of the literatur[...]
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