2021 Pharma Choice Variety (Experiential Education) Bronze Winner Propeller and Ethicon

Propeller and Ethicon

Colorectal Virtual Experience

To replace the live conference experience, Ethicon partnered with Propeller to create an engaging and innovative platform to showcase key Ethicon products in colorectal procedures. This one-of-a-kind interactive platform was designed to offer the same features and benefits as an in-person conference but in a virtual environment.

Propeller Team Members:

Eileen Topps, Senior Account Director
Kaylyn Insetta, Group Account Supervisor
Emilia Pfeffer, Senior Art Director
Glenn Mason, Senior Art Director
Donna Wrotny Smith, Vice President, Executive Creative Director
Katie Matias, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Julie Badion, Copy Supervisor
Dennis Flath, Senior Director, Digital Experience
Richard Johnson, 3D Artist
Mike Meyer, Senior Director, Video Production
Karl Coulon, Motion Graphics Artist
Jesse Gold, Video Editor
Heather Hoy, Head of Digital Strategy and Execution
Marcos Cosme, Senior Digital Project Manager

Ethicon Team Members:

Susan Tracy, Senior Marketing Manager – Energy


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