2021 Pharma Choice Video Gold Winner VMLY&R and AstraZeneca

VMLY&R and AstraZeneca

Misty Protectors

The creative climb for a new FluMist campaign was steep. We set out to find an idea that was exclusive to the brand’s method of administration, telegraphic in its demonstration of effectiveness, and big enough to work across all channels. But when we landed on Misty Protectors, we knew we had the answer.

Left to right: Andrew Leone, Brad Germin, and Angela Reith.

VMLY&R Team Members:

Augé Reichenberg, Chief Creative Officer
John Bollinger, Executive Creative Director
Greg Elkin, Associate Creative Director
Kevin O’Donoghue, Associate Creative Director
John Marchese, Managing Director, Strategy
Colleen Hartnett, Associate Director, Strategy
Jen Levin, Managing Director, Client Engagement
Katie Diamond, Account Director, Client Engagement
Seth Gorenstein, Senior Producer
Ruth Ogbeab, Senior Program Manager

AstraZeneca Team Members:

Andrew Leone, Executive Director, Infectious Disease Franchise
Brad Germin, Director of Marketing, Vaccines
Angela Reith, Associate Director of Marketing, FLUMIST® QUADRIVALENT
Allyn Bandell, Director, Medical Affairs
Colleen Ryan, Director, Promotional Regulatory Affairs
Yeasin Chowdhury, Associate Director, Promotional Regulatory Affairs
Jaime Flowers, Medical Information Specialist


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