ELITE 2022 Strategist Jennifer Werther of DeepIntent

Jennifer Werther

Chief Strategy Officer


Industry-Changing Data Strategies

With a background in media planning, Jennifer Werther has built her career around helping pharma clients develop effective strategies for reaching healthcare audiences. At DeepIntent, she has, year over year, significantly broadened the company’s product portfolio. In 2021 alone, she helped expand DeepIntent’s healthcare demand side platform and bring several industry-leading healthcare advertising solutions to market. Over the past five years, she has been pivotal in tripling company revenue each year—all while balancing her responsibilities as a mother to two young children.

When Jennifer joined the company, she devised a strategy for DeepIntent’s HCP Planner, a solution that enables healthcare marketers to create and forecast healthcare provider audiences based on data for more than 1.6 million verified physicians and prescribers. This innovation helped put DeepIntent on the map, setting the stage for the company’s incredible growth. It’s notable that the HCP Planner beta launched on the same day Jennifer went into labor with her second child. In fact, she considers the solution her third child.

Jennifer was also instrumental in developing an industry-first optimization engine, which launched in April 2021. With her agency background, she has a strong understanding of what healthcare marketers need, including a way to measure and optimize campaigns in real time using the data that matters most: script performance. With predictive algorithms and the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare data set, DeepIntent Outcomes is patented technology that makes DeepIntent the only DSP to link real-world clinical data with impression data so marketers can measure and optimize live campaigns toward audience quality and script performance.

Three months later, Outcomes was awarded a patent, the first of two DeepIntent received last year. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office also recognized the Patient Modeled Audiences technology, which determines the correlation between demographics and disease to create precise, campaign-specific modeled audiences.

Through all of these enhancements to the DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform, clients remain happy. The company’s overall retention rate is more than 95%, while clients have seen increases in audience quality by up to 30% and script performance by up to 35%.


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