2021 Pharma Choice Professional Print Campaign Gold Winner Intouch Group and Takeda

Intouch Group and Takeda

Vyvanse Professional Print Campaign

The Focused Days campaign grabs the attention of HCPs treating ADHD by giving credit where credit is due: right back to them. The campaign helps reps remind HCPs of the critical role they play diagnosing and treating ADHD, as well as the impact they have when ADHD is treated properly.

Intouch Team Members:

Jeff MacFarland, Group Innovation Director
Tyler Dustin, Creative Director
Sarah Norden, Copy Supervisor
Jimmy Lam, Creative Director
Ryan Ressler, Creative Director
Alexa Bondon, Account Director
British Randle, Sr. Director, Integrated Production
Austin Smith, Sr. Project Manager
Jessica Brahar, Assoc. Director PMO
Matt Bartlett, Group Planning Director

Takeda Team Members:

Erik Cline, Marketing Lead
Peter Bowman, Director, Marketing
Lauren Flanagan, Director, Marketing
Mark Bologna, Associate Director, Marketing
Tom Dearborn, Associate Director, Marketing


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