ELITE 2022 Entrepreneur Scott Tannenbaum of MYZE

Scott Tannenbaum

Founder & CEO


Tackling Dry Eye Disease

Can you feel your eyes? If so, you may have an issue with your eyes, but patients rarely think about this. Scott Tannenbaum plans to change that with MYZE, a digital health platform focused on eye health.

For Scott, the idea for this new company came following a consulting engagement to develop a brand strategy for a client in the prescription and OTC eye care space. When he immersed himself into dry eye disease, he discovered that as many as one in three Americans have signs or symptoms of dry eye disease yet only a tiny fraction of these people are aware of the disease; why they may be feeling their eyes; and that OTC, Rx, and in-office solutions are available to help manage this condition.

But the real a-ha moment came when his wife was diagnosed with dry eye disease and Scott saw first-hand that while she had a daily health and beauty routine, she had no daily routine for eye care, which is becoming increasingly important as people spend more time on multiple screens and devices. The purpose behind MYZE is to address the significant patient burden and unmet needs in the eye health space. The company will offer a personalized platform that helps patients better understand dry eye disease, get dry eye expert recommended daily care plans accessible through a monthly subscription at the MYZE e-commerce store, as well as longitudinal support for its subscribers throughout their dry eye journey.

The company’s mission is to engage, educate, and empower the largest community of dry eye patients in the world, with plans to eventually tackle other eye health conditions as well. Its goal is to launch in Q2 of 2022 and bring 1,000,000 patients into the platform by 2025.

“We will upend this space by transforming patient engagement—in the short and long term,” Scott says. “Through digital transformation and an obsessive focus on patient experience, we will reach our goals by simplifying the way people identify, treat, and manage their dry eyes.”


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