2021 Pharma Choice Multicultural Bronze Winner Marina Maher Communications and Eisai Inc.

Marina Maher Communications and Eisai Inc.

Spot Her

Endometrial cancer is on the rise, yet under-recognized, especially across communities of color. Utilizing an insights-driven approach, Eisai Inc. and partners FORCE, SHARE, and Black Health Matters launched Spot Her—an initiative to help end the silence around endometrial cancer and empower women to spot signs early and take action.

Marina Maher Communications Team Members:

Jeff Walters, Senior Account Supervisor, Brand
Chrysann Panos, Senior Account Executive, Brand
Kristine Austria Fan, Senior Vice President, Brand
Sun Eo, Senior Account Supervisor, Project Manager
Kate Dickerson, Vice President, Senior Copy Supervisor
Gabriella Pugachevsky, Art Supervisor
Samantha Lang, Account Supervisor, Art Director
Charley Karchin, Senior Account Executive, Copywriter
Calina Hiriza, Senior Vice President, Art
Dan Oh, Senior Vice President, Creative Director
Katherine Dunleavy, Senior Account Executive, Earned Media
Patricia Jones, Vice President, Earned Media
Sara Baker, Executive Director, Earned Media
Taylor Abish, Senior Account Supervisor, Healthcare Influencer Marketing
Alexandra Hakim, Senior Account Executive, Digital
Mike Doan, Vice President, Digital Influence & Innovation
Drew Shives, Account Supervisor, Data Scientist

Eisai Team Members:

Alana Eiseman, Associate Director, Corporate Advocacy
Cindy Gessell, Senior Consultant, Oncology Communications
Teresa Cronin, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Advocacy
Michele Randazzo, Director, Oncology Communications


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