2019 Pharma Choice Sales Aid Bronze Winner DiD, Propeller Communications, and Novartis

DiD and Propeller Communications


The Complete COSENTYX Approach: Driving Dialogue Beyond the Skin in Psoriatic Disease Treatment

The COSENTYX® Team evolved the brand’s visual aid to enable sales representatives to deliver a presentation that focuses on more than just skin clearance and a holistic approach for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. As a result, the Complete COSENTYX Approach expanded HCPs’ view of psoriasis treatment and elevated COSENTYX as the treatment of choice for appropriate patients.

DiD Team:

Peter Kenney, Founding Partner
Natalie Cuttic, Account Director
David Hackett, Creative Director
Zachery Torre, Creative Director
Michael Golub, MD, SVP, Medical and Scientific Director
Terri Foreman, Senior Director, Strategy
Lindsay Dearing, Senior Director, Project Management

Propeller Communications Team:

Charlie Flax, Founder/President
Katie Rogers, Account Director
Heather Hoy, Senior Director, Digital Strategy

Client Team:

Matteo Trotta, VP, Marketing, COSENTYX Derm, COSENTYX Dermatology
Tiffany Crawford, Director of HCP Marketing & Promotions
Paul Schreiner, Associate Director, HCP Marketing & Promotions
Mary Chen, Marketing Brand Manager


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