2019 Pharma Choice Self-Promotion Gold Winner Klick Health

Klick Health

Adaptive Brand Playbook

The Adaptive Brand Playbook was created to help life sciences marketers achieve their brands’ full market potential. Filled with real-world research, insights, and creative, the 230-page, step-by-step blueprint helps build and activate brands that adapt and thrive in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving market instead of buckling under its pressures.

Agency Team:

Leerom Segal, Co-Founder & CEO
Peter Flaschner, Managing Director
Brian Umali, Associate Creative Director
Ammie Matte, Brand Voice Manager
Amy Tsang, Program Manager
Gloria Leung, Project Manager
Owen Osbourne, Production Artist
Josie Cicciarella, Designer
Dan Van Brunt, Senior Director, Technology
Camilo Bravo, Full Stack Developer
Sheryl Steinberg, VP, Communications


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