2019 Pharma Choice Sales Aid Gold Winner EVERSANA ENGAGE and Horizon Therapeutics


Horizon Therapeutics


Our challenge: Update a sales aid for an established brand to revitalize the strategic story without new data and within existing guidelines. We delivered by incorporating customer insights and sales team feedback, along with bold visuals, to create an engaging and high-impact piece with strong clinical look and feel.

Langdon Jenkins, Jennifer Cummings, Shay Ashline (sitting on the desk under the R of EVERSANA), Christina Cimmino (red plaid), and Sarah Kommer (sitting on the desk).

Agency Team:

Christina Cimmino, Account Supervisor
Nicole Pitaniello, Managing Director, Account Services
Langdon Jenkins, Associate Creative Director
Jennifer Cummings, Art Director
Shay Ashline, PhD, Medical Strategist
Sarah Kommer, Senior Project Manager


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