The World Over, Good Relationships Are Key to Great Marketing

As technology continues to break down communication borders throughout the world, “Global is local” is a phrase we hear again and again. But what does this actually mean to brand managers who want to take their skills overseas to an established or emerging market?

In our cover story, industry leader Ash Kuchel tackles the implications of this simple phrase and what it means to both brand marketers and companies. For marketers, Kuchel notes that “global is local” essentially translates to drilling down deeper into potential markets that are often not culturally homogenous—views about disease, medications and treatments may be very different from market to market, community to community. And in a marketing campaign, each community must be reached on its own terms—blitz campaigns, he says, won’t cut it. Skills honed in the U.S. can be taken abroad—but new learnings and skills become necessary. To see what some of these are, click here for tips by three global heads who’ve worked in many different foreign markets.

At the same time, Kuchel states, “Taking a brand to new audiences requires four core elements: Intimate understanding of the audience insights, credibility of the brand’s unique benefit, engaging and resonating customer interaction, and targeted communication to set it [the brand] apart.”

Kuchel’s point applies to any market, foreign or domestic. In our Think Tank, 11 thought leaders discuss point of care (PoC) marketing, and talk about how to take it to a higher level—through more personalized content, focused communication of a brand’s unique benefit, and engagement of patients and physicians through a targeted PoC approach that sets a brand apart. Says Alex Dong of Health Monitor, “Point of care is the single most effective place to build stronger relationships among pharma, provider and patients.” To see how brands are stepping up PoC marketing efforts to build better relationships, improve quality of care and patient outcomes, click here for the story. Throughout the world, creating strong relationships that benefit all stakeholders is proving more important than ever.

And speaking of building relationships, PM360 extends a warm welcome to David Moore, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Cempra, as a new member of our Editorial Advisory Board.




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