A Short Guide to Business Gift Giving

To buy and for whom to buy? That is the question during the holiday season and like anyone else, people who do business together want to show their appreciation for those who make their businesses run a little smoother, even a little more profitably. In pharma marketing, think brand managers, agency folks, customers…but where does it start and stop? Here’s the scoop on good etiquette for business gift giving.

Who Should I Gift?

Generally, good etiquette for holiday gifting is simple: Remember your service and support providers, employees, co-workers and customers.

Custom(er) Gifts

The question then becomes: What is appropriate to give—and how much should you spend?

Let’s start with the reason why most businesses thrive: Customers. When it comes to gifting customers, it’s best to offer something—once you’ve put some thought into it—that will bring your name to mind throughout the year. If the gift is functional too, your thoughtfulness will also be remembered.

One suggestion: Something special monogrammed with your company’s logo. Your gift will not only remind others of your appreciation, but also of your working relationship. You can’t go wrong, for instance, with a monogrammed wine bag or cooler, a thermos, or even a fancy new set of LED stylus pens. If your customers are larger businesses, you may want to take your gift choice up a notch—but you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Check out this site, www.myron.com, for gifts in varying price ranges that can be custom monogrammed—and designed to please just about anyone.

Providing a Little Something Special

For the service providers in your life, something the entire office can use is sure to cause a stir. If that gift also keeps them going through a long and hectic day, so much the better.

Example: An espresso machine can say “thank you” and provide a holiday jolt a notch or two above typical office cup o’ joe. Note: This could be a great gift for your larger corporate customers, too. Check out www.officemax.com for prices starting at about $129 and give the gift of inspiration—or is that caffeination?

Thanks for Always Being Here!

Gifting those who work beside you all year long—your co-workers and employees—is probably the most fun (since you may know them well, and what they like)! Just remember, you simply want to say thank you, not overwhelm them with your generosity. You can never go wrong with a nice bottle of wine you’re certain a colleague will love, a gift certificate for a favorite store or hobby, or even the newest, latest, greatest, funniest, weirdest, wackiest or even most adorable stress ball or toy—to keep handy for the more trying workdays ahead. Check out www.amazon.com for all these items—especially good if you’re among the many last-minute shoppers!


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