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“Speed Bumps”

You’re cruising along life’s highway but you can never really reach your full acceleration. Why? Because for you, the highway is littered with speed bumps. Slowing you down. Limiting you.

Those obstacles are true for millions of people suffering from Dry Eye Disease. For them, those speed bumps are short-term, episodic exacerbations called Dry Eye Flares and are massively underreported by patients and under-considered by eye care professionals (ECPs). And creating a new awareness of those Flares is what drives the multimedia Disease Education campaign, RENVISION DRY EYE, for Kala Pharmaceuticals. See the website: reenvisiondryeye.com.

The creative process entailed finding a powerful, graphic metaphor to show ECPs that the inflammation of Flares is more than a blip along the Dry Eye road. For patients, these Flares are interruptive, distressing, often triggered by simple, everyday tasks like being on a computer or wearing contact lenses. The core black and white imagery uses the pop of yellow, the strongest color contrast to the human eye.

RENVISION DRY EYE offers ECPs an insightful and direct look at Flares and their unmet treatment need. And shows them a new way to think about the disease that can lead to improved patient care.

QBFox Team:
Steve Viviano, CEO
Stacy Patterson, Chief Medical Officer
Chet Moss, Chief Creative Officer
Mark Vespole, Group Account Supervisor
Jason Doce, ACD/Copy Lead
George Abdy, Group Art Supervisor/Art Lead
Megan DeRitter, Account Executive
Chris Viviano, Copywriter

Kala Pharmaceuticals:
Kate Kline, Senior VP of Marketing
Dave Benn, Executive Director of Marketing
Briana Foster, Senior Product Manager


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