ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader Sloan Gaon of PulsePoint

Sloan Gaon



Data Analytics with a Purpose

Health data generates 50GB of information per person, per day. That’s a lot of numbers to crunch.

As CEO, Sloan Gaon leads PulsePoint and its mission to deliver value-based solutions for healthcare. Recognizing that technology can seamlessly interpret mountains of data, Sloan transformed the company from marketing generalist into a healthcare-focused digital solutions powerhouse.

Driven by the mantra “change before you have to,” PulsePoint develops revolutionary tools that push the boundaries of healthcare marketing. For example, Signal, offers real-time physician-to-patient data insights. HCP Direct Match, allows marketers to identify HCPs by national IDs. HCP365, MarTech’s 2020 Breakthrough Award Winner, helps measure interactions of HCPs online and offline. Sloan’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at PulsePoint. Data Labs further pushes for advancements by supporting health data startups.

As a result of these innovations, PulsePoint’s business continued to grow with revenue exceeding $100 million—all during a global pandemic.

And speaking of viral influence, Sloan immediately pledged to help health marketers disseminate COVID-19-related PSAs. To date, PulsePoint has donated more than $500K in media. Within PulsePoint, Sloan launched a resource-sharing program to help remote staffers. He included parenting hacks, group activities, learning opportunities, and engagement Slack channels.

Sloan’s passion for people has resulted in a remarkably low turnover for PulsePoint—10% versus the 19% industry average. His influence surely plays a large role in PulsePoint being named one of Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work in NYC for four years running.

Sloan is also passionate about mentoring the next generation. In 2018, he led a program to develop entrepreneurs within PulsePoint. As a member of NYC Health Business Leaders, he helped raise $40k to fund resources for children and families. He also participated in Healthcare Rocks, a virtual concert honoring the healthcare heroes of 2020. He spearheads a learning and development program that devotes 5,000 hours towards growth within PulsePoint. Currently, he is also petitioning for a parade to celebrate NYC’s frontline workers.

Data provides answers. However, if we were to crunch Sloan Gaon’s 50GB of daily data, we probably won’t discover the secret to his success. So far, we simply consider ourselves lucky to learn from his example.


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