Elevate Healthcare

Aspen Green

Drop It Back!

The idea started off like many great ones do: A simple “what if?”.

2020 was proof—life can drop some serious stress on your physical and mental well-being. So, we thought, hmmm…what if you could “drop” it back by integrating Aspen Green pure CBD drops into your daily routine to fight back from—and get back to—everyday activities?

An idea was born. The next step was creating some stunning digital art out of the CBD liquid drop forming into a golfer and a yoga master.

Aspen Green is one of just a handful of USDA-certified organic hemp and CBD brands. It is a family-, woman-, and minority-owned business and is deeply committed to the science of providing only the purest hemp and CBD products. This stunning, dynamic campaign helped Aspen Green boost sales to a burgeoning sports activity market that is rapidly discovering the benefits of CBD.

Elevate Team:
Tara Powers, Creative Director
Paul Wesemann, Associate Creative Director
Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer
Nick Stackhouse, Sr. Manager, Client Delivery


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