PM360 2023 Trailblazer Awards HCP Education Gold Winner Coherus Biosciences and Confideo Labs

UDENYCA Interactive 3D Augmented Reality Presentation of Device Setup and Use (Coherus Biosciences and Confideo Labs)

The UDENYCA Single-Dose Prefilled Autoinjector is a first-of-its-kind delivery system of chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia. The UDENYCA Autoinjector is for patients who want the convenience of an administration system that delivers treatment in less than 10 seconds. The device is designed to fit in one hand and is equipped with a guard to block the view of the needle.

Research indicates that immersive multimedia presentations dramatically bolster HCP engagement with core content and improve education and retention of critical medical media. Therefore, to demonstrate the device setup and use to healthcare professionals, the brand team created an innovative 3D presentation that could be amortized, for use in person and as part of remote presentations.

Confideo successfully built a compelling augmented reality presentation that accurately introduces the UDENYCA Single-Dose Prefilled Autoinjector. The digital device was constructed to match the approved physical device. The program lets HCPs easily visualize proper use, fast dosing, intuitive functionality, and no visible needles. The storyline is modular, and the presentation of setup and use is comprehensive, enabling a consistent, innovative presentation each time.

Representatives report getting more meetings and engaging in meaningful discussions because of this immersive multimedia tactical presentation. The robust 1:1 3D presentation has proven highly effective, differentiating, flexible, and impactful for reps and customers. It has also favorably positioned Coherus Biosciences as being on the leading edge of innovation through optimized multidimensional storytelling.


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