PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Video/TV Campaign Silver Winner Harmony Biosciences, Synchrony Healthcare Communications, BTK Communications Group, and Snow Companies

Know Narcolepsy Personal Story Video Series: Real-life Experiences From People Living With Narcolepsy (Harmony Biosciences, Synchrony Healthcare Communications, BTK Communications Group, and Snow Companies)

Narcolepsy is a rare disease that is often misunderstood, particularly through depictions in the media. As such, Harmony strives to provide a resource for adults living with narcolepsy to access accurate and comprehensible disease state content that can be easily understood and shared. That includes personal story videos, which serve as one of the most valuable sources of content for the unbranded educational campaign Know Narcolepsy.

The videos were originally developed to provide relatable resources to adults living with narcolepsy. But the Harmony team set out to produce additional personal story videos that spoke to specific topics identified by adults living with narcolepsy to foster a sense of togetherness and provide valuable insight and understanding to the entire narcolepsy community.

The Know Narcolepsy YouTube channel has seen a consistent subscriber growth of 5% month over month and total video plays were more than 10,000 with an average percentage video completion of 63%.


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